Behind The Model: Keiko

Back in May, after realizing that I barely keep up with my blog, I was trying to think of ways to use this platform more consistently. When it comes to my social media, it's often solely my voice. If you follow me on twitter, you definitely know I use my voice a lot. The same goes with Instagram, I post photos I've created in collaboration with someone else but it's always my side of the story. That's about to change. The people I collaborate with are so incredibly talented and their stories deserve to be told just as much as the photos that we create. You get to see the faces I shoot but now it's time to actually introduce you to the dreams, personalities and lives behind the photos. 

Even though I just started shooting with Keiko in June, it was a creative love at first sight. There was an instant connection and after countless shoots over the last few months, it always seems like we're always just on the same page. In a short amount of time, we truly have grown together to create some of my all time favorite work and there's no sign of stopping any time soon. 

How would you describe yourself to someone who has never met you before? 

"It’s always hard describing myself to other people, haha. I always feel like I sound like a business interview so I like for people to get to know me and then make their own perceptions of me. One thing I will say is that I am independent, or at least try my hardest to be."

Tell us a little about your latest project, Aberdeen Place.

"Aberdeen Place is an online resale shop I started where 10% of proceeds go to the African People's Defense & Education Fund."

What inspired you to start Aberdeen Place? 

"I grew up on a street called Aberdeen Place. I lost the house I grew up in to foreclosure when I was about 17 and I never really recognized the trauma it had on me and my family until I started going to therapy years later. Aberdeen Place is so important to me because it's my chance to pay homage to something very dear to my family and I. It also gives me the chance to give back to others who may be going through similar scenarios."

How does creativity play a role in your life and how do you choose to express that creativity? 

"Creativity is my life. I come from a very creative family so they made sure to instill freedom of expression in me at a young age. I like to call myself a jack of all trades but as I get older and closer to a career path, I find myself becoming a master of one, which has really always been fashion. I love being able to express myself through what I’m wearing." 

How important is style to you & how would you describe yours? 

"Very important! But not in sense where style is everything that matters but style is a form of independence and individuality to me. I never really molded to one style because I’m very good at adapting to many. I get my chameleon like nature from my mom lol."

Where do you draw your inspiration from in regards to styling & modeling? 

"Definitely my mother, and many other power house females such as Erykah Badu, Solange and Diana Ross."

When it comes to fashion, what season is your favorite and why?

"Fall, hands down! I love the Fall because you can play up/down anything. Fall is also a time when I like to experiment with different looks since the weather is so easy to work with."

What is one staple you can't leave the house without? 

"Hmm. Well I suppose I always wear jewelry. Specifically my rings. I've been wearing them for years because most of them were gifts from my mother."

If you could have your dream job tomorrow, what would it be? 

"My dream job is working for myself. I’d have a store front somewhere close to home (North Philly) filled with little pretty vintage things and I’d still be modeling for fun!"

You can keep up with Keiko on Instagram and Twitter, and follow Aberdeen Place on Instagram.