Who Inspires You

With the help of Instagram, it's not hard to access millions of photographers and their work right at your fingertips. This can be extremely overwhelming or used to constantly keep yourself inspired. I choose to do the latter. I've noticed I tend to follow a lot of street photographers or concert photographers, probably because those are two concentrations that fascinate me the most. If you know me at all, you know I love Philly with all my heart. Through certain street photography IG accounts, I've gotten to know a side of this city I probably wouldn't otherwise. They've allowed me to see the coolest spots, buildings, and street art this city has to offer, and then I'm inspired to go explore these things for myself. Not only do they inspire me to explore, they inspire me to learn & grow. There have been so many times where I see a photo & I'm just like I don't know how they got that shot to turn out the way it did but I'm determined to learn how to do it myself. Seeing these amazing artists work & perfect their craft really inspires me to do the same if I ever want to be on their level. There are bits & pieces of all of them that I'd love to be like. You can aspire to be like someone without wanting to be them completely, and I think that's the best way to create what's unique to an individual. So here's my list of photographers that inspire me to improve daily.

If I was forced to choose, Id have to say Matty Vogel (@mattvogelphoto) is probably my favorite photographer. He is one of the most well rounded photographers I've ever seen. his landscapes are breathtaking, his portraits are flawless & his talent for concert photography is everything I could hope to obtain one day. it really seems like he does everything so well & it blows my mind on a daily basis. He's probably the photographer I've been following for the longest time and the one that inspired me to create my own distinct, easily recognizable editing style. For me, when I see one of his photos, I can immediately tell it was taken by him bc it seamlessly blends w the rest of his work. I just think that's really awesome & something I'd really like to achieve one day. I was fortunate enough to actually meet him in June 2014 in Baltimore at The 1975's concert and he was just a really nice, down to earth person. I felt bad kind of butting in while he was talking to a few other people but it was really cool to tell someone you look up to how much you love their work in person compared to just over Twitter. 

This post would not be complete without the amazing woman that is Nesrin Danan (@blackprints_). It's no secret that the whole music industry is very male dominated, and concert photography is no different but this bad ass seriously does not let that stop her. She's killing the game all while being a college student! I'm pretty sure she's not actually human because she's just too perfect. This girl is unstoppable. Her portraits are so clean & crisp, light & airy, while still capturing the uniqueness of the person she's shooting. I also really love how she creates a personal relationship with a lot of the artists & models she shoots. It just proves how important it is to be a nice person because how you treat people will become your reputation. However, she doesn't let people walk all over her either, and I think that's what makes her someone I look up to even more.  


It's only fitting that Anthony Campusano's motto is G.R.I.M.E. (Growth Really Inspires Me) because this guy's growth over the last two years has been incredible. I first started following his work with Moosh & Twist, but his craft is so much larger than just that. From street shots to portraits to concert photography and more, every photo he posts just tops the last one. You can feel the energy of the show he's shooting through the screen and that's so rare. His perspective is always really different than what every other photographer is posting. I'm honestly so excited to see what the future holds for Ant (@onehispanic). 

Like I said before, Philly is so special to me. Even though I wasn't born & raised here, it just feels like where I belong. It's a city of neighborhoods & each one has so much to offer. I started following Conrad Benner maybe a little over a year ago and I've been so fascinated ever since. I absolutely love how he showcases the beautiful hidden gems within the city, especially the street art. Philly's street art scene is absolutely amazing & I don't even want to know how many pieces I would have never gotten to see & photograph for myself if Conrad didn't post about them. He just captures the beauty of the day to day in Philly and it inspires me so much.

Morgan's portraits are BREATHTAKING!!! They belong on billboards or fashion magazines! You feel transported to the exact location of the shot & the mood is immediately felt. Plus, the way she sets up her IG theme makes me drool.  

I could seriously spend all day talking about the hundreds of amazing photographers I follow on IG because each one inspires me in a different way. Nothing is greater than seeing people do what they love & do it well. Whether you're out there making hundreds of dollars per shoot or just shooting what you love, keep doing you.