Back To The Future

Hometown shows are always ridiculous. There's nothing like seeing the city that helped shape an artist come together to support one of its own. This was no different for Moosh & Twist's Back To The Future show on December 23, 2015. From throwbacks to classics to new stuff, OCD performed it all, and the crowd went wild. The Foundry's photo "pit" is basically non-existent & way overcrowded so shooting from the front row seemed like my best option, especially since I got there early.  Everything was going well until a very intoxicated girl thought she was going to push me out of the way & take my spot. GIRL U THOUGHT! just kidding (ok maybe not) Needless to say, it didn't happen, despite her incredible efforts which included having a whole conversation with me that I couldn't hear a single word of but I still nodded & smiled, and she even put her arm around me at one point. I'm pretty sure it was the weirdest encounter I've ever had at a concert. After 5 mins, she must have realized she was wasting her time and she headed back to where ever she came from. The rest of the night was equally divided between singing at the top of my lungs and shooting as much as possible. I really did try to limit this post to only a handful of photos but it was impossible. These two give everything they have into a show, so much heart, lots of sweat and a even few tears were shed on stage. Without a doubt, 2016 is going to be so HUGE for these guys and I cannot wait to sit back & watch it unfold.